Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Book Coming Out

While I'm mostly blogging about the Real Magik trilogy, I do have other things in the mix. I thought I'd share one with you. I have a collection of short stories coming out soon called "Wishing and Wanting".

A meek young woman stumbles onto a magic lamp; a savvy goddess falls for a mortal man, and a determined mirror maker goes on her own quest to break a curse. Three women who will be faced with difficult choices in strange situations. Wishing and Wanting is about the strength of a woman’s heart and the cleverness of her mind when she’s pushed to the wall. Heroines can be just as formidable as their counterparts, even if their methods are different.

They're three very different tales but they're united in their subject matter, strong women taking the tough road to find their place in the world. I'm hoping that you'll enjoy the light flavor of the writing though. They're each romps in their own way.

So look for Wishing and Wanting soon at It’s due to be released October 22 2013.

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