Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hello Again

Hi everybody.  Apparently there is an everybody to address now.  Past blog entries I felt were sort of echoing into the wind.  Heavens, now I know someone's read them or at least skimmed them.  Thank you for the interest, really, I deeply appreciate it.

What's even more astounding is that according to my last residual check, quite a few people have actually purchased the book--more numbers than I can account for with people I know.  So I have to say thank you to those who have shown enough interest in the book to purchase it.  May it amuse and excite you as much to read it as it did to write it.  I am hard at work on the second book in the trilogy already so you shouldn't have to wait too long for the next installment.

I'm rather sorry I let October come and go without a blog entry.  It's my favorite month and it was almost perfect this year.  Textbook weather here in Northern California.  Leaves just starting to change color.  Evenings growing longer.  And I was in a good place to enjoy it all in relative peace.  Well at least on my weekends off when I drove up to Santa Rosa to be with by boyfriend and had no responsibilities I got to enjoy October peacefully.

Anyway onward to November and we're nearly through already.  I've taken some time to write a few short stories in between working on book 2.  I've submitted them to some Nevermore Press anthologies for publication so we'll see if they get to see the light of day.  I wrote them mostly in October so they're all horror.  Though I rather think I like writing short horror stories in general. I have one right now that I'm writing in the cracks between book 2.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it.  Just enjoying the process of telling a story.

I could rant about the commercialization of Christmas which is nearly upon us, but that really doesn't have a place in my blog space. I'd rather wish you all a great holiday season and happy reading no matter what it is you're reading at the moment.  It's a great time of year to snuggle up with a book, electronic or paper.

Best to all!

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