Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy 2014

The new year is here!  Which means...we all write the wrong number on our check date slots for about three to five months.  The holidays are finally over so the eating excuses have stopped for some of us and the extreme resolutions have begun.  Cold and flu season catches up with us kicking our collective butts.  I know I've had my butt kicked.  As I write this I sniffle and cough. There are endless reviews of 2013 in magazines and on TV and Internet.  Frankly I thought it went OK as years go.  I guess that's a personal take on the year.  I personally didn't suffer any major tragedies, no one died, I didn't split up with my wonderful boyfriend, I didn't suffer any debilitating injuries or catch any incurable diseases, my friends are still doing pretty well and are still my friends strangely enough, I saw some good movies, read some good books, ate some good food, and I had two of my own books published.  So all in all not a bad year for me.  I hope 2013 was a reasonably good year for most of you too.

So now it's 2014 and a fresh new page is before us.  What do we want to scribble or sketch there?  I'm working on the next book in the Real Magik trilogy...Real Magik: Darkness in the Blood.  The first book will be available to order in soft cover from Amazon sometime this month so check in with them periodically.  I'm told by my publisher, Nevermore Press, that it will be in bookstores by February or March 2014.  So for those of you waiting for a paper and ink copy now you know when to look.

In kindle format there's also my anthology Wishing and Wanting that's been out since October 2013.  It's comprised of three short stories all about women in strange situations that have to make difficult decisions.  A meek young woman who stumbles upon a magic lamp, a savvy Greek goddess who falls for a mortal man, and a bold mirror maker who takes on a quest to break a curse.  All of them heroines who can be just as courageous as their counterparts even if they use different methods.  It's a sweet and sour little read, lots of fun in more than one mouthful.

All right well that's all for now.  Don't let your resolutions beat you down.  Everything in moderation please.  And think of something nice and playful to scribble on your first 2014 page.  

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